Welcome to Howl! A place where howling, at any pitch, is appreciated.  In fact, have at it.  That’s right, howl about anything that needs a good howl.  Like the wolf, throw your head back and give it a good bay.  Deep and guttural or loud and biting, give it all you’ve got! 

I like howling.  It’s a primal thing really and with what’s going on today, howling may just be the ticket for those of us with no political clout, scant resources, and live paycheck to paycheck.  You know,  ordinary folk, like me. 

I live in Spokane Valley, Washington and have worked as a legal assistant for close to 30 years.  Please don’t hold this against me.  I’ve been writing for 20 years and contribute to a monthly column in our local newspaper.  Don’t hold this against me either.  I’ve been involved in various organizations and one in particular fostered my love of greyhounds.  We’ve had several retired racers live with us.  Currently, we have two Italian Greyhounds.  They are the bright spots of an otherwise uneventful life.  My passion has been and will always be in the  environment and wildlife realms. 

Go to my Howls of the Day and  give it a howler!


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